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Highest quality visual design

Our team of mobile visual designers put together beautiful, platform ready designs which are provided as .psd files. You can get these and start modifying them immediately. We put a lot of thought into super useable UX, and often take inspiration from the best apps available in the App Store and Play Store.

A solid code base to start your app development

Our templates are then coded by our dev team. Think of the templates as the app skeleton on which you can build you app’s ‘body’.
We cut up the .psd assets and put them into an app project, with all the views that you can see in the individual app videos. These template projects are coded in quality native code, Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android. They are not finished apps – they are just the UI views. But even this will save you many hours in development. They do not have backend databases or APIs, but are a fantastic start to building your finished app.
All our templates will run on your simulator immediately, and can be build and run on your own iPhone/Android mobile device as soon as you download them. Build iOS templates on your iPhone using Xcode from Apple, and Android templates in Eclipse ADT from Google.  They don’t run on Android Studio, as it’s still in Beta.

An open license

Once you buy one of our templates, you have an open license to develop it into your own app, which is yours to release on the App Store and Play Store as your own.